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Frequently Asked Questions

Sex toys made from non-porous body-safe materials like silicone, glass, or stainless steel and purchased from reputable brands like Lady & All are generally safe when used correctly. Avoid toys containing phthalates.

Wash toys with mild antibacterial soap and warm water after each use.

Air dry thoroughly before storing. Never use harsh cleaners on toys. Lady & All has a range of cleaning products for keeping your toys clean.

Water-based lubes are safest for all toys.

Avoid silicone lube with silicone toys.

Oil-based lubes damage latex condoms/toys.

Keep toys in a clean bag or box to prevent contact with debris.

Don’t store toys together as materials could react.

Moderation is key. If toys replace intimacy or impact daily life, speak to a doctor. Overuse can desensitise.

Yes, with mutual consent. Think of toys as an enhancement, not a replacement. Use together to supplement intimacy.

When used moderately, toys can increase arousal and improve sex by enhancing sensitivity.

Have an open, honest conversation outside the bedroom.

Listen to any concerns. Consider shopping for toys together.

Use new sensations, play music, watch ethical porn, try new locations, use restraints, or edge your orgasm.

Toys allow you to focus stimulation exactly where you need it most to increase pleasure and climax.

Using a vibrator too frequently can make it harder to climax from manual stimulation alone. Moderate use is key.

Toys can help women explore their bodies and take control of their pleasure, promoting confidence and sexual empowerment.

No, couples’ toys are popular too!

Use together to enhance foreplay, explore new sensations and inject novelty into your sex life.

Consider your experience level, preferences, sex anatomy and desired stimulation type/intensity to determine the best toy

Common non-porous body-safe materials include silicone, ABS plastic, stainless steel, and glass. Avoid porous materials like jelly rubber

Oil-based lubes can damage latex condoms and increase the risk of them breaking. Always use water-based lube.

Create a relaxing ambience with music, candles or a massage. Build arousal through fantasy and foreplay. Go slowly.

Sharing toys without protection or proper cleaning can transmit infections. Always use protection, never share toys, and wash thoroughly

Using toys during foreplay decreases sensitivity before sex. Cock rings also restrict blood flow to prolong erection and delay ejaculation.

Popular options include bullet vibrators, couples’ rings, remote control toys, bondage gear, massage wands, and roleplay accessories

Target the prostate with toys like butt plugs, prostate massagers and anal beads with curved or angled designs.

Communicate desires, start slowly during foreplay, and frame toys as an erotic enhancement rather than a replacement.

Start with a bullet vibrator or a small silicone dildo. Avoid intense toys until you know your preferences.

Remind yourself that solo pleasure is normal and healthy. Prioritise your sexual well-being and go at your own pace

Use plenty of lube, relax the muscles, and insert slowly with gentle motions. Never fully insert it. Stop if you feel pain.

100% silicone toys are water-safe. Bring water-based lube and thoroughly clean afterwards. Glass, stainless steel and hard plastic can work, too, but may be slippery.

Make sure toys are silent, discreetly packaged, and hidden securely. Only play when home alone and clean up thoroughly afterwards. Order online for privacy.

Wand vibrators, rabbit vibrators, and sucking toys provide strong stimulation good for intense climaxes. Add clitoral toys to penetration

Avoid household items as DIY toys. Use body-safe, non-porous materials designed for intimate use to stay healthy and avoid injury.

Use clitoral touching and lube for arousal first. Inhale deeply and bear down as if having a bowel movement to relax the vaginal muscles during insertion. Go very slowly.

Using too large a toy too fast, inadequate lubrication, and tight pelvic muscles from anxiety are common reasons for discomfort. Go slowly, relax, use more lube and foreplay.

Try hands-free toys, swivel vibrators, strap-on harnesses, remotely controlled toys, and toys with grip handles. Ask retailers about adaptive options, too

Gentle use of vaginal vibrators and dilators as part of pelvic floor therapy can help strengthen muscles post-partum. Check with your doctor first.

Using dilators, vibrators, and dildos during solo play can help you get more comfortable with insertion and build sexual confidence before partnered intimacy.

Avoid harsh detergents. Use a gentle sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and water. Check the toy material. Non-porous silicone, glass, metal and plastic are easiest to disinfect thoroughly.

Choose lighter toys, handle accessories, swivel capability, softer silicone, and vibration over manual manipulation. Try positions which minimise strain on joints.

Avoid oils such as lube, which break down condoms and cause infections. Water-based lubes are ideal for all toy materials. Or try hypoallergenic aloe vera gel.

Use a gentle, fragrance-free soap designed for intimate toys. Or try a sex toy cleaner spray. Avoid harsh detergents and bleach that could degrade toy material.

It’s better in carry on. In checked bags, toys may be damaged or lost. Remove batteries and clean thoroughly first either way and pack discreetly.

Lockable drawers or boxes, under the bed in a case, buried in a closet, inside everyday items, furniture cushions, or locked suitcases work well for hiding toys.

Start smaller if new to penetration. Be gentle and go slowly to allow your body to adjust. Choose toys with rounded tips and flared bases. Focus on what feels most comfortable.

Position the internal shaft inside the vagina with the external arm on the clitoris. Adjust angles to target stimulation.

Schedule regular date nights, improve communication, embrace sensual touch, and maintain affection like kissing and cuddling outside the bedroom.

Not necessarily – comfort is key. A toy that’s too big can cause pain. Focus instead on using angles, textures and speeds that work for your body.

Overusing intense vibration and pressure in the same area can temporarily reduce sensitivity. Use a lighter touch or take a break to avoid this.

Try a strong vibrator on the clitoris or a g-spot toy for the vagina. Use steady speed and pressure. For penises, masturbation sleeves, vibrators, and prostate toys can enhance orgasms.

Wrist and ankle cuffs, blindfolds, ticklers, riding crops, floggers, and rope allow light to more advanced bondage play. Always establish consent and a safe word first.

Single-speed bullet vibes, wand massagers, and compact couple’s rings are travel-friendly. Vacuum seals help keep toys discreet. Remove batteries when flying.

Store in locked drawers, hidden compartments, under beds, inside other items, or closets. Avoid buzzing toys if privacy is limited.

Yes, but always use toys with flared bases to prevent losing them internally. Start small, use lube, and stop if there is any pain. Never fully insert an anal toy.

Begin with bondage cuffs, blindfolds, and feather ticklers. Avoid anything too intense, like nipple clamps or floggers, until you are more experienced. Establish limits beforehand.

Slide over the finger and tighten to the desired fit. Apply to erogenous zones like the clitoris, nipples, testicles or perineum. Try different motions, speeds, and pressure levels for optimal stimulation.

Apply water-based lube to the toy and opening. Get aroused first. Position the toy at a comfortable angle and gently insert it, controlling the speed and depth of thrusting. Add clitoral stimulation, too.

Avoid produce, electric toothbrushes, scissors, or anything sharp, porous, or not designed for internal use. Use body-safe materials from reputable adult brands to prevent injury.

High-quality silicone provides a lifelike soft texture. Warm toys in water first to body temperature. Use plenty of lube. Move toys gently in arousing motions at stimulating angles.

Start with the smallest size. Gradually work up using lots of lube over multiple play sessions to comfortably accommodate larger sizes. Stop immediately if any pain occurs.

Online adult retailers like Lady & All offer discreet billing and shipping. Get advice from our sex-positive online community if you’re unsure what to buy as a beginner.

Strong chemical or plastic smells, jelly-like textures that could be porous, very low price points, lack of branding and unsafe packaging materials indicate poor toy quality. Avoid these.

Don’t panic. Bear down like you are having a bowel movement. If you can grasp the base, gently pull while relaxing the anal muscles. Seek medical help immediately if you can’t remove it.

Declining estrogen causes vaginal dryness and atrophy. Using vibrators keeps tissues healthy through increased blood flow. Lube also provides needed moisture.

Quieter toys like small vibrators, a clitoral sucker, or a finger vibe allow more subtle play. Using them under blankets or while roommates are out also avoids detection.

Quieter toys like small vibrators, a clitoral sucker, or a finger vibe allow more subtle play. Using them under blankets or while roommates are out also avoids detection.

Apply lubricant inside the ring and on the penis for comfort and stimulation. Position the vibrating bullet on top or bottom of the shaft to see what feels best. Use a tighter setting initially.

Silicone toys made by reputable brands are quieter. Try a clitoral sucker, small vibrator, or bullet vibe. Use toys under covers to further muffle noise if privacy is limited.

How do you angle a sex toy to hit the G-spot?

Got another question that we haven’t covered here?

Email Lady & All, and we’ll answer all your questions.

Apply lube to the toy and anal opening. Relax muscles and gently insert the toy a few inches at an angled curve towards the stomach. Rock gently across the prostate gland.

Small bullet vibes deliver pinpointed stimulation. They can be used hands-free in panties and are easily controlled and positioned for precise pleasure. Most are whisper quiet, too.

Choose rechargeable battery-free toys to reduce waste and quality toys that will last over cheaper materials. Buy from sustainable manufacturers. Properly dispose of older toys.

Vibrating tongue toy attachments can mimic motions on the clitoris or penis. Rotating strokers envelop the shaft. Adding lube, warming toys, and manual motions make toys feel more lifelike.

Borosilicate glass is non-porous, so it sterilises well but has no flex. Ensure any glass anal toys have a flared base and go slowly with ample lube to prevent injury. Start smaller sized.

Apply lubricant inside the stroker and around the penis. Gently insert your penis into the entrance of the stroker’s canal. Slowly glide the stroker along the entire shaft length to stimulate.

Panty vibrators allow hands-free stimulation concealed under clothing so they can be discreetly worn anytime. The wireless remote controls speed and vibration patterns.

Use mild, fragrance-free soap and warm water, cleaning between all crevices. Avoid harsh detergents. You can also use a 10% bleach solution to disinfect non-porous toys.

Anal toys shouldn’t be worn for more than 2-3 hours maximum. Always use a plug with a flared base. Remove immediately if any pain arises. Listen to your body’s signals.

Cock rings maintain erection firmness. Penis pumps draw blood into the penis before sex. Vibrators provide stimulation. But consult a doctor too for medical advice.

Choose high-quality silicone which mimics skin-like texture. Warm the dildo to body temperature first. Apply lubricant. Use in rhythmic motions at optimal angles with varying intensity or speed.

Textures like ridges, bumps, patterns or ribs stimulate vaginal or anal nerve endings that smooth toys may lack. This provides new sensations.

Most beginners prefer a smooth, silicone vibrator over dildos because vibration provides stimulation without manually thrusting the toy. Dildos are better for manual practice.

Depending on the frequency of use, batteries last 2-6 hours typically. Single-speed vibrators conserve battery life longer than multiple-speed toys. Keep spare batteries handy. Rechargeable toys are more cost-effective

Discuss your fantasies and interests to narrow your preferences first. Focus on body-safe toys that offer versatility and stimulation for you both, like couples’ rings. Shop together online if hesitant.

100% medical grade silicone is soft, flexible, and completely non-porous, making it easy to sanitise and avoid bacteria buildup. High-quality silicone has no toxic chemicals.

Frame toys as an enhancement, not a replacement for your partner. Focus the conversation on wanting to experiment and explore new mutual pleasures, not pointing out any cons. Reassure your partner.

Vibrators provide sexual satisfaction without needing physical exertion that may be limited by chronic pain, fatigue or limited mobility. Explore positions that minimise discomfort.

Aftercare includes comforting each other, gentle touching, hydrating, discussing the experience, and affirming your care for one another. Ensure any physical marks are tended to.

Frame toys as a way to explore and fulfil each other intimately as God designed. Focus on their role, strengthening your bond spiritually and physically within the marriage covenant.

Yes, the anus is more sensitive than the vagina, so size needs to build up gradually. Always start with a small plug with a flared base. Never insert a large toy fully. Go slowly and use ample lube.

Apply lube inside the ring and on the penis. Slide over the penis when erect, positioning the vibe on top or bottom of the shaft. Tighten for a snug fit to provide stimulation for both partners during intercourse.